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Polaris Sector Espionage System

Today we’ll feature one of the most original and innovative features of our upcoming space 4X game: Espionage. 

Just like many other features of the game, it is ship based. You will have to design a craft with Scouting modules (for passive spying), Subversive modules (for active spying) and Camouflage modules (to hide your emitted energy).

espionage pic1

Passive spying allows a ship to stay in a region and scout it to gain all kinds of information: connections between systems, production, buildings, fleets composition… 
If you don’t like to wait, Active spying lets you take a more direct approach: you can send your spy ship to any system and select what sort of mission you want to execute. The available actions are as follows: Spy planet, decrease morale, Incite riot, Steal technology, Spy alien ship, Spy alien fleet, Explode ship and Search for Spies. 

espionage pic2

They come at a specific cost in Sabotage points, which in turn depend on how many Subversive modules you have installed on your ship, and a certain chance to succeed. 


espionage pic3

But it’s not over! 
The most interesting and original aspect of the game is the ability to make use of Disinformation. Once an enemy spy is discovered you get the option to feed false information to the enemy, choosing to appear stronger or weaker than you actually are in a certain sector! Naturally the enemy can do the same to you, so never trust what you see or you might be deceived! This feature adds an entire new layer of depth to the game, and sets Polaris Sector apart from the other games of the genre! 

espionage pic4

Polaris Sector will be released on March 22nd. Are you ready for the scramble for this part of the galaxy? Who will prevail?

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