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Polaris Sector Major Update!

Hello guys. We have big news for all Polaris Sector fans.The developers are working hard on a major update and would welcome any kind of ideas and suggestions. 

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Polaris Sector 1.03c patch and technology site!

Polaris Sector’s 1.03c patch is now live. The update consists of many tweaks, fixes and UI improvements which will no doubt make your Polaris Sector experience better than ever.

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Magellan battle satellite2

Polaris Sector gets its first mods!

Polaris Sector has been released two days ago but the community is already active and a first mod has seen the light!

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PS release 05

Polaris Sector is releasing today!

The battle for control of Polaris Sector starts today. Grab the game now and get a discount for the week of the launch!

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fuel pic6

Polaris Sector Fueling System

We’re going to talk of how fuel affects gameplay in Polaris Sector. This will have a huge impact on your strategy.

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new ship

Commanding ships on the battlefield

Take a look at this exciting new video exploring the detailed tactical combat system of the upcoming Polaris Sector! 

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espionage pic2

Polaris Sector Espionage System

Today we’ll feature one of the most original and innovative features of our upcoming space 4X game: Espionage.

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polaris video2

Unveiling the Teaser Trailer

Developer Studio SoftWarWare has revealed the Teaser Trailer of its upcoming 4x space title and it fits perfectly the atmosphere of the game!

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